As aventuras de um casal recém casado e da sua cocker terrorista!

segunda-feira, fevereiro 19, 2007


"Bes was one of the most popular gods among the common people of Egypt. Although he does have a warlike aspect, he is primarily a cheerful and benign god, associated with domestic matters, as well as laughter, dancing and general merrymaking. He is the lion dwarf, most likely of African origin, even though his name is properly Egyptian.

Bes has an almost comical, grotesque appearance. He is small and squat, with a great shaggy head of hair like a lion's mane. His nose is flat and beneath it his tongue protrudes as if it's too big for his mouth. He has long arms and short bowed legs, and his body is adorned with a lion or panther skin, whose tail trails down behind him. He is generally shown wearing a crown of tall feathers, like ostrich plumes, which resembles a tribal head-dress. His ugliness was probably regarded as a deterrent to evil demons and spirits, in much the same way as gargoyles on Christian churches were supposed to function."

Parece que os Egípcios já eram clientes do BES na altura. Fizeram o retrato perfeito de como seria o BES se fosse uma entidade cm forma humana: pequeno, de aspecto grotesco e com uma língua maior do que a própria boca!
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